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New Class for Women! Register today!

Wise Women Strong Women

Welcome! Let's make sure we're on the same page to start things off. You're reading this because you want to move past the traditional concept of exercise. Let's be clear - this is not a workout class. This is a chance to create your version of movement in your life in your body. We'll focus on skill acquisition as a means of developing movement autonomy. Movement is more than a just a workout. Movement is freedom, creativity, expression, and connection.  

You'll learn to integrate principles of movement like creating a base of support, transferring kinetic energy through the body by linking together your breath, your core, and your posture to create coordination and fluidity. This class is designed for people who want to learn good movement habits from the get-go and/or want to fine-tune their current concepts of movement. Challenging your physicality is made possible by customizing training variables.

We'll create relevant context with real-life examples of when and how you can use these skills. Moving with confidence will become an awareness you bring with you everywhere you go. Talk your talk and walk your walk! 
Week 1: Mobility, flexibility, and creating a continuity of strength within the body
Week 2: The lower body pull aka deadlift: lifting with your whole body
Week 3: The lower body press aka the squat: connecting from the ground up
Week 4: Deconstructing the upper body push
Week 5: Deconstructing the upper body pull
Week 6: Integration Week - introducing rotational elements
  • Our first point of contact will be during your 30-minute individual assessment at with Andrea at Total Body Health - see FAQ below*
  • Each session is structured as a workshop - one hour, twice a week to reconnect with your body 
  • You'll use bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, cables, bands, and balls 
  • You'll be given goals for each week - in and out of studio sessions
  • Each session builds on the previous - 100% attendance is necessary to gain the full benefit of the course
Your checklist:  Join Us! 
  • Call Total Body Health at (250) 477-5776 to pre-register your spot in this amazing course or visit us at 888 Short Street
  • 12 classes will be delivered Monday and Wednesday from 6:15 - 7:15 over 6 weeks for $350.00 / participant 
  • Course starts on Monday, Feb 5th and ends on Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 
  • Class is limited to 6 participants
  • Book your 30 min individual assessment with Andrea between now and February 2nd, 2018 
  • Please arrive 10 - 15 mins early to change if needed, class starts promptly at 6:15 pm. 
  • Free parking on site at 888 Short Street 
Why an assessment?
  • An initial Athletic Therapy session gives insight for me as a practitioner about your specific needs pertaining to movement. We'll look at your range of motion using a movement screen, prioritize joint considerations if necessary and determine what areas of strength will make the biggest impact for you long term. This allows for me to adapt the course content to work with your specific needs and goals. 
    • Book your 30 min individual assessment between now and February 2nd, 2018 
Refunds / Cancellations
  • Full refunds are offered for cancellations made prior to January 29th, 2018 
  • 50% refund offered for cancellations made from January 30th, 2018 until February 9th, 2018
  • No refunds offered on cancellations made after February 9th, 2018 or for missed classes.

Core Series Class at Total Body

Core Class - 5 Session Series

Strengthening our core has become the centre of the health and fitness world, but what does it really mean? Find out with Katie as she takes you through a breakdown of the fundamentals! Learn to strengthen your core and have some fun while doing it!

Core Program:

5 weeks, one 75 min. session per week


$100 + GST

How to Register:

There is limited space for this class so please register ASAP to ensure your spot in the class is confirmed.

Registration is completed by visiting Total Body and paying with cheque, cash or credit card. You may also call 250-477-5776 to arrange pre-payment. 

NEW to Total Body - Naturopathic, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine

We are pleased to announce we have added two talented new practitioners to our team at Total Body Chiropractic & Sports Therapy! Naturopathic Doctor Kulwinder Sraw and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor Victoria Spaurel have joined our team and as a result we are able to offer many new and exciting servies to our patients:

Neural Therapy (including trigger point, scar therapy)
Neural Prolotherapy 
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
Applied Kinesiology
IV Therapy
Chelation Therapy (oral, IV)
Weight Management 
Hormone Balancing
Prescriptive Authority

Christmas Backpack Project

We are excited and happy to be a part of the Backpack project, an initiative of provide backpacks full necessities and comfort items for members of our homeless community in Victoira, BC. Total Body will be assisting this cause by serving as one of the drop locations.

Please join us this Christmas season and help the Backpack Project fullfill their goal of filling 100 backpacks!

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